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The Cycling Safety School has been delivering cycling safety courses in schools for almost ten years.

Classes teach safe cycling techniques and open participants to the option of an invaluable and inexpensive form of exercise at a time when lack of exercise is a cause for concern. Training is invaluable to everyone. For those who already cycle to school or work, the benefits are obvious, but training is just as important for those who cycle close to home and at holiday time. In fact, everyone who will ever get on a bike needs to learn how to use it safely and needs to learn the skills to recognise danger on the road and how to react to it.

From our base in Celbridge Co Kildare we cover a catchment area which includes local authority areas in Fingal, South Dublin, Greater Dublin, Wicklow, Kildare, Meath, Carlow and Laois.

For school-based training we provide all the equipment needed to partake in training, including bikes, helmets and road signs. Course participants and schools are awarded certificates on conclusion of training.

Training content comes under the PE and SPHE strands of the primary curriculum and also promotes the goals of the An Taisce Green Schools programme, supporting the 4th Green Transport Flag.

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